1. 19:36 25th Nov 2010

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    Anonymous said: why did you deactive your account last year?

    I needed a break and to focus my sheot elsewhere.

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    Florence update!

    So I’ve been in Florence for about three days now and every single day has been spectacular. I beat out jetlag like a champ and have been gobbling carbs and wine like a crazy person. The street style is unbearably delicious and vintage boutiques stocked with Yves St Laurent and Chanel (among others!!!!) makes me absolutely breathless and my knees go a bit weak. it is a truly magical place. each tiny back road is lined with Christmas lights above, there are street/sidewalk artists (?) everywhere and the occasional harp/accordion player along the pavement isn’t as hackneyed as you might think, it’s absolutely perfect. Yeah we’ve run into indignant italians and crazy ass drivers…we are truly blessed to be able to see a world so unlike and yet so similar to our own. The rich italian culture is so strong and completely amazing to be around. The people are passionate about what they do, whether that’s making scrumptious paninis or being a shopkeeper at a terribly addictive, wonderful vintage shop. I am adjusting well, drinking cappuccinos by the hour, munching on bread with pate and braving the cobblestones with boots while my feet want to just about fall off. Though, I love Florence and I love being able to see the world through a different perspective. Not just that….I love being surrounded with passionate, productive, INSPIRED people. Maybe thats just my inner hipster/artsy fart calling out but I don’t think I realized just how big it was and how many possibilities are out there. It’s easy to get caught up in our little problems in our little bubbles. when there are bigger things! Like gypsies shaking canisters in your face for $$$$$$$! :)

    anyway i just wanted to write a bit….pictures later. one downside is not getting free wifi here and yeah i am NOT paying 5 euros (7 dollars?) just for a couple of hours. thanks but i could be spending that elsewhere. like the gypsies.

    this was probably badly written but…mer it’s 7 and I’m running on four hours of sleep.

  4. 13:02 7th Nov 2010

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    -woke up at 8:30, feeling proud and under the impression that I woke up nice and early!
    -had breakfast I am in love with biscuits haha.
    -read Sarah’s Key on the kindle…as lame as that sounds!
    -snuggled with mugs
    -ate an unmentionable amount of beloved Cheez-Its…definitely feeling the aftermath right now!
    -going to pick up various things at Nordstrom for ITALY with my mama.
    -I can’t believe I am going to Italy in TWO weeks. Hopefully the weather Will be nice but who really knows! Supposed to be the rainiest month of the year….oh well.
    -I am so so so in love too! I don’t want this to be sappy because I genuinely want to throw up after I just said that i was “sosososososo in love” but whatever. Its twue!
    -I am just ready to embrace being a better person…it’s too exhausting and stress/anxiety inducing to be a mean, malicious, cynical or negative person. Plus, my stress and anxiety levels are already through the roof!
    Hmmmm, that’s all i can really think of saying at the moment. Oh we got a new couch too for our den. Part of it was too big for our doorway so it wouldn’t fit, so now we have like. 2/3 of a couch but it doesn’t look too bad! Its pretty comfy but my mom doesn’t think so, we might just send the couch back and try to find a better one, but who knows. My parents are really picky about furniature so we probably would end up looking forever!
    I also drove to T’s house and back all by myself. Which all together is an hour drive. And half of it was at night. In the pouring rain. It was actually a bit frightening at first and i rergretted driving myself…but it was a good experience and i cant wait to do it again!!!!!! I LOVE having my license. But I wish i had my own car. Generally bps was the worst decision of my life and it is ruining my future. Well not ruining it completely but definitely setting it back. Like no car. Fffffff
    Anywayzz Im having a pretty good day. And i hardly have any hw!

  5. 14:39 31st Oct 2010

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    Today is day 00.

    I am torn. Parts of my bones are tingling from excitement to plunge into this new challenge, but there is also that tiny voice burrowed deep within the caverns of my mind. Reminding me of those times I’ve tried and not surprisingly, failed to show any sign of success. Yes there are tinges of reluctance and anxiety that wash over me but i’d like to push through and JUST DO THIS. I’m tired of waiting around for a miracle and I realize it may be difficult but I really do need this. I feel my skin stretching around my swollen bones. My muscles drown within the dreaded ‘F’. I’m expanding until my heart, my soul, has been consumed within itself and I’m gone…Just in time for Halloween, I’ll be invisible.

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    Time To Pretend - MGMT

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